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About Us

Your mission is to attract, hire, and retain top talent. This critical function determines the long-term success of your company. Choosing the right search firm is of equal importance, to make the entire recruitment process more effective, efficient, manageable and rewarding.

Search Orion, is the perfect mix of size and experience, a unique firm with principals that have direct industry experience. We strive to maintain a focus on personal attention to clients needs, possesses the industry knowledge, contacts and experience from years of networking with top sales, marketing and executive professionals.

Client Satisfaction
At Search Orion, we want our customers to turn to us for their future hiring needs. We are committed to focusing on your needs, truly understanding your business, and providing your company with the finest talent available. This is our promise to you. Striving to enhance the performance of your organization through human capital solutions that set Search Orion apart as the standard in Executive Search.

Search Orion
ORION / O*ri”on/, n. a celebrated hunter in the oldest Greek Mythology, after whom this constellation is was named. (Astron) The brightest collection of stars can be seen in the winter months by every inhabited point in the world.